User Experience Engineering

User Experience Engineering: New Interfaces, Cognitive and Affective Computing, Collaborative Systems
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This DTU course in user experience (UX) engineering January 2-19, 2018 (Lectures in building 450 #006a and #006b and group work in the same areas as well as in 450 #011), is focused on applying lean methods to design novel app interfaces incorporating aspects of augmented reality,  cognitive computing, and emotion recognition using high-level prototyping tools like Marvell/POP and InVision to build functional prototypes.

Taking an agile approach to formulate user needs as hypotheses which are iteratively validated, Lean UX provides amethodological framework for rapid prototyping of MVP minimum viable products, centered on incorporating only the most essential features, while reducing time to market based on reuse of design patterns.

The course schedule will consist of daily student presentations / lectures monday through friday 8-12 followed by groupwork (found here) focused on the weekly assignments in the afternoon 13-17. All students will be required to upload their updated prototype designs on daily basis, so they will be accessible for everyone to view and test online. The morning sessions will include discussions of a subset of the uploaded student presentations, focused on demonstrating the topics introduced the previous day, plus at the end a short lecture introducing the concepts behind the assignments to be prepared for the rest of the day.

Thus, a rough program for monday to thursday is as follows:
08:00-09:00 Lecture with Feedback and Topic Introduction
09:00-12:00 Group work
12:00 Noon Hand-In on Campusnet
Presentation of selected Hand-Ins and Feedback
(Some days instead a guest lecture)
13:30-16:00 Group work
15:59 Afternoon Hand-In to PeerGrade
16:00-17:00 PeerGrading of other projects
For fridays, the program looks like this:
08:00-11:00 Group Presentations and Live Feedback to/from all
11:00-16:00 Group work
17:00 Weekly Hand-In of Final Reports w/appendices on Campusnet

There will be three different design themes, one for each of the three weeks, meaning, the course work will be evaluated on a weekly basis, with final iterations of the interface prototypes to be uploaded each thursday with subsequent presentations of these during a friday morning session each week, and completion of a small report to be uploaded by friday afternoon.

The report should be based on the 2-column ACM SIG Proceedings template (part of ACM Master Article Template). A "working" template for this course has been uploaded to Campnusnet file share. The .zip can directly be uploaded to e.g. ShareLatex/OverLeaf.

Reading material related to the three design themes will be made available on a weekly basis, and as general background reading material for the course we will use Laura Klein's "UX for lean startups"


Per Bækgaard

Guest Lecturers:

Michael Kai Petersen

John Paulin Hansen

Jakob Bardram

Teaching Assistants:

Ida Vejrup Holtsmark

Jesper Vestergaard Mark

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